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You Are What You Eat!!!

Preventing Breast Cancer Nutritionally - How To Eat For Healing.

The Healing Mindset

Did you know that one of the top Breast Cancer “prevention” organizations spends only 2% of their total budget on actual breast cancer prevention research? At Breast Cancer Conqueror, we take a different approach. In addition to using “food as medicine,” this month and every month we celebrate your Healthy Breast lifestyle. This includes learning how to prevent Breast Cancer nutritionally, and the first step to doing that is to create that “healing mindset.”

The Healing Mindset

Last week I spoke about the importance of employing the tools for healing emotional trauma, including EFT, EVOX, mindfulness and more, in order to cultivate resilience in your life and on your healing journey.

I cannot stress enough the importance of healing past traumas; that is why Essential #4 of the 7 Essential System® focuses intensely on this issue. Whether or not you take action to heal emotional wounds can literally make the difference between being sick and getting well, according to the work of Dr. W. Douglas Brodie, M.D., amongst others.

A person who has a healing mindset is not a victim of a diagnosis or situation. No matter what her circumstance, she knows that she has choices and she knows that the “mindset” she brings with her on her preventive or healing journey is up to her.

As I wrote in the second edition of my book, Heal Breast Cancer Naturally:

Embarking on a healing journey is not just about learning the facts, having the proof, and following the protocols. It is also about opening up your heart to growth, clearing your mind of past programming, and allowing the “true you” to shine through…Often, the major healing you have to do is between your ears and your heart. Healing is not just about getting rid of that lump or bump. Healing is a metamorphosis and a transformation…”

Visualize Healing

A Healing Mindset can make all the difference on your Healthy Breast journey!

You may have heard of the practice of “visualization” and chalked it up to just another fad or some kind of “new age hocus pocus.” In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the power of visualization has been proven by evidence-based research.

An investigation at the University of Akron in Ohio found that guided imagery (aka visualization) significantly helped ease the experiences of patients undergoing traditional Breast Cancer treatment. A 2009 UK study found that guided imagery boosted immune function in the same kind of population. In particular, it helped to kick in anti-cancer defenses, including higher T-cell, natural killer cell and lymphocyte levels both before and after chemotherapy.

Nutritional Healing: A Big Piece of the Puzzle

The dictionary definition of “nutrition” is “the act or process of being nourished.” Of course, eating healthy, organic, non-GMO food is vitally important to living a Healthy Breast life too. But if you have been on the journey for a while, then you know that you also need to fill your “plate of life” with a lot more than whole foods in order to make healing work.

Essential #1 – Let food Be Your Medicine. With the science of Epigenetics and Nutrigenomics we are now beginning to understand how food affects the expression of our genes. Sulforaphane in broccoli sprouts, for example, can turn on over 200 healthy genetic switches that will help you detox more efficiently and boost your immunity.

In the 8 years of supporting women with a breast cancer diagnosis and having gone through 2 healing journeys personally, I have come to appreciate how powerful food is as medicine. But, it doesn’t matter how many diets, protocols, or natural modalities you try or how many green smoothies you drink, if you don’t begin the process of emotional healing with the aim of giving yourself the gift of a “healing mindset,” all the natural modalities in the world simply will not work.

But once you do tap into your own inner strength and resources and then you couple it with healing foods, substances, protocols and more, watch out! That is when you are able to really move towards your vibrant, Healthy Breast life.

How to Eat for Healing

The importance of getting into a “healing mindset” on your Healthy Breast journey. The second vital step for preventing and healing Breast Cancer naturally is to really focus on what you put into your body and what to eat for healing. One of the most important things to remember about food is this: what you consume will either feed the healthy cells in your body or it will feed the cancer cells.

It All Starts With What You Eat

Did you know that even the World Health Organization has concluded that factors such as diet, exposure to toxins, and lifestyle choices can have a vast influence on cancer development and outcomes? In fact, a 2019 study conducted by Harvard University T.H. Chan School of Publish Health analyzed the eating habits of over 180,000 women aged 27 to 59. They found that, without a doubt, the women who consumed high amounts of fruits and green vegetables daily had significantly lower risk of Breast Cancer.

“…our findings support that higher intake of fruits and vegetables, and specifically cruciferous and yellow/orange vegetables, may reduce the risk of breast cancer, especially those that are more likely to be aggressive tumors,” the researchers wrote in the report published in the International Journal of Cancer.

This makes good sense since most organic, non-GMO fruits and vegetables promote an alkaline environment that is ideal for promoting health and for discouraging the growth of cancer cells. We all know that cancer loves acidic food, especially sugar. A healthy salivary pH level should stay consistently between 7.0 and 7.4.

Some daily basics that you should consider are 5 teaspoons of freshly ground Flax Seeds, fresh broccoli sprouts and micro greens. Be sure to have plenty of trace minerals like Magnesium, Zinc and Selenium. Nuts, seeds, organic dairy, grass fed meats and fish contain plenty of these minerals. Although I have a very clean and rich diet, I believe it is important to supplement with these minerals since they all play such a vital role in creating vibrant health and healing the body.

Key Supplements for the Healthy Breast Journey

In addition to eating for healing by consuming an organic, non-GMO diet rich in low-sugar fruits, green vegetables and a moderate amount of animal proteins (if you eat meat), it is important to drink a good amount of fresh filtered water as well as include movement, stress management and lots of fun in your life!

And…to support the creation of vibrant health, it is important to use key supplements as well. The choice as to which particular natural substances to supplement with can be confusing, to be sure. There are SO MANY different natural herbs, spices, vitamins, minerals and blends out there; some are great and some need to be avoided.

My advice is to focus first on the key natural substances that research has shown can actually help to inhibit cancer cell growth, target cancer stem cells for destruction, boost the immune system and detoxify the body. I also recommend purchasing only the absolute best in terms of quality. That means getting only those supplements that contain 100% organic ingredients (including the capsules) and as few fillers as possible.

I have supported thousands of women who have decided to go the natural route in some way on their Healthy Breast journey. Over the years, I have learned what best supports a healing journey.

My team and I developed the Breast Health Bundle to be a complete set of all the must-have supplements for your Breast Cancer prevention and healing journey. The Bundle consist of four key natural non-GMO supplements taken from the 7 Essentials System® line. They are:


Melatonin is vital for regulating sleep cycles and is a powerful and important antioxidant. This cytotoxic hormone also helps to create serotonin and maintain a healthy immune system. The aging process, certain medications, an unhealthy gut, stress, not getting enough sunlight, lack of sleep and a poor diet can all contribute to lack of melatonin in the body.

Vitamin D3 & K2

Sadly, vitamin D deficiency is evident in almost all women whom have come to me with a Breast Cancer diagnosis. The reason why this substance is so important for the reproductive system is because D is actually not really a vitamin, it is a steroid hormone which plays a role in hundreds of mechanisms. Vitamin D is essential for heart health, for building bone, for gut health and for your immune system. Most importantly, vitamin D is essential for breast health. The 7 Essentials System® D3/K2 formula also contains vitamin K2 (MK-7 form), an essential “helper” substance for D3. When you increase your D levels, you naturally need to increase your K2 levels in order to keep calcium from depositing into the soft tissues like your arteries.


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