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Preparing For Your Scan​
Patient Checklist for a Successful Thermal Exam

Purpose of the test:

Examination of the selected areas to detect recognizable signs of normal or abnormal physiological activity to determine if further clinical evaluation or preventive recommendations are required.

Patient Preparation:

3 months prior:

No major breast surgery

No chemotherapy or radiation

Cease lactation and breast feeding

1 month prior:

No minor breast surgery, i.e. biopsy

1 week prior:

Avoid tanning or sunburn

24 hours prior:

Avoid exercise, massage, accupuncture or chiropractic adjustment

Refrain from steam room, sauna, hot or cold packs

Avoid sitting in a hot tub

Reschedule if you experience a significant fever

Day of the exam:

Do not shave under arms

Avoid using deodorant or creams on the area to be imaged

Do not wear any jewelry to appointment.  (Exception- rings that wont come off fingers.)

Hair must be on top of head during exam - bring hair clip. Ladies with short hair will be asked to wear a hair net during exam.

2 Hours before the exam:

Refrain from tobacco or coffee use

Avoid hot or cold liquids

Refrain from exercise, bathing or showering

Avoid eating or chewing gum if we are imaging your head and neck

During the exam:

Breast Scan:  You will be asked to take off your blouse & bra.  You will not be given a gown - - this test requires that your body is cool.  The gown would hold the heat in your body, which could result in a false test.  For this test you will have your hands on top of your head.

Whole Body Scan:  You will be asked to take off all of your clothing except for your underwear.  You will not be given a gown - - this test requires that your body is cool.   The gown would hold the heat in your body, which could result in a false test.  We will scan your body from head to toe.  During the exam you will be asked on several images to lower the underwear to the top of the pubic hairline and just below the tail bone to expose the entire abdominal and spinal area.   Then asked on several images to manipulate the underwear to expose the buttock cheeks. 

***Disclaimer: Breast thermography offers women information that no other procedure can provide. However, breast thermography is not a replacement for or alternative to mammography or any other form of breast imaging. Breast thermography is meant to be used in addition to mammography and other tests or procedures. Breast thermography and mammography are complementary procedures, one test does not replace the other. All thermography reports are meant to identify thermal emissions that suggest potential risk markers only and do not in any way suggest diagnosis and/or treatment. Studies show that the earliest detection is realized when multiple tests are used together. This multimodal approach includes breast self-examinations, physical breast exams by a doctor, mammography, ultrasound, MRI, Pet Scan, thermography, and other tests that may be ordered by your doctor.

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